Take Back the Tech

8 Dec

The collaborative global campaign Take Back the Tech! started on November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women. New information technologies are being used in many ways against women and girls around the world. It is fundamental that they become tools of change and transformation, rather than control and exclusion. This is one of the very objectives of the Take Back the Tech! campaign.

Via: Tumblr User lipstick-feminists


Bitch in a Box: Feminist Gifts for Teen Girls | Bitch Magazine

7 Dec



So, the holiday season also known as the gift giving season is among us and shopping for the Feminist is always fun. We all know that shopping for teens is especially hard because of the point in time that they are in. So why not empower your favorite teen and get them the gifts that will help enhance their empowerment. Bitch magazine put together a nice gift guide for this gal to access it follow click on the link below.

Bitch in a Box: Feminist Gifts for Teen Girls | Bitch Magazine.

I’d Rather Go Naked… Than See More of These PETA TSA Ads | Bitch Magazine

2 Dec

I found this entry and it expresses much of the same sentiment that I personally have with PETA. As a vegetarian as well as a feminist I feel that ads like these are just using women and their sexuality as their social sacrificial lamb. The fact that these advertising tactics even exist just fuel the anti-PETA stance that I already have.

I’d Rather Go Naked… Than See More of These PETA TSA Ads | Bitch Magazine.

Fem Men

2 Dec

I think that it  is far to common that men who are feminists are overlooked because they are men. To invalidate their feminist opinion is counterproductive to the movement and we should remember that they are a part of the struggle, even though they may or may not be directly effective.



New Link

2 Dec

Found this great blog site which has many writers and boasts that all of the point of views are young women. The link is available on the link menu


Statistically Speaking

30 Nov

Found this during my routine stroll through Tumblr. I thought it was effective and draws the much needed attention to the issue at hand.


Art Activist: Favianna Rodriguez

11 Nov

To say that she is a badass is more than an understatement. Not only do I respect and can side with her stances, but I am in love with her artwork, which shows only the honesty that she has. In addition to her artwork, her website shows up-to-date information as well as a link to her blog. Her website can be found here and her blog can be found here.